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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

 Please read the terms of use carefully before using the ThyroidCentral.com. By using the ThyroidCentral.com you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms of use below. These Terms of Use are published on the site ThyroidCentral.com on the day July 1st 2017.


  1. In the case of access and/or use of the domain www.thyroidcentral.com and all related sub-domains (hereinafter “Web service”) and the related content (such as text, photos, audiovisual and musical works), applications, software and services which are provided through the web services, regardless of the manner of use, the user, with no restriction or reservation, expressly agrees to the use of the web service according to the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms”), and the regulation of all legal relationships arising or resulting from the use of the web services is executed according to these Terms.
  1. ThyroidCentral.com reserves the right to change, restrict or terminate the web service at any time and it also reserves the right to partially or fully restrict certain services in case of violation of the Terms.


  1. By using the content of the web service, the user accepts all risks arising from such use and agrees to use the content solely for personal use and at own risk.
  1. ThyroidCentral.com reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time and will not be responsible for any consequences arising from such changes. These changes come into force on the day of publishing on this website.


  1. Documents, data, and information published on the web service must not be reproduced, distributed or in any way used in a way contrary to these Terms.
  1. Content, visual identities, applications, and software are protected according to Copyright and Trademark Laws and Criminal Law. It is strictly forbidden to modify, publish, transmit, sell, display, process, copy or in any way exploit the content, visual identities, applications and software, web services, unless there is a possibility regulated by these Terms or the result of the prior approval ThyroidCentral.com. It is not permitted to copy, distribute and publish in the public newspaper articles and photos about current political, economic or religious issues published in electronic publication unless the same is done under the following (cumulative) conditions:
  • The content does not exceed 600 characters, whether it is the original content is transmitted in one part or in several places, with the obligation to respect the integrity of the original content
  • Data on the source/origin and/or creator of the content must not be disclosed to a lesser extent than it was in the original content
  • In the case of transferring the content from the digital platforms, at the beginning, within or at the end of the text content, there will be a direct link set aside that leads to the source of the original content, which allows the opening of the original text in a separate browser window, at the publisher’s domain sources. Also, at the beginning, within or at the end of the text content there will be an extracted text: “Here you can read the original text” connected with the direct link to the source material, which opens in a separate browser window, at the publisher’s domain sources.
  • The content must keep the initial integrity, and in accordance with the original content it is not allowed to change the original meaning and integrity (for example on the basis of editorial shortening and/or interpreting the original copyright freely), in order to avoid misunderstandings arising from proving the origin of the information and establishing too much free interpretation of content
  • If the content of the one side is the exclusive content or discovery, and the same exclusive content or discovery initiated their further development, research, report of the other side, it should be clearly emphasized that the original content of a particular publisher represented the first processing threads.
  1. It is forbidden to use services of the web service for commercial purposes. Saving or copying content for any purpose other than personal use is strictly prohibited. It is especially forbidden to use the web services in a way that the same access can be made through another website or portal through a link, mirrors or another similar method that allows the pages of the web service to open within someone else’s domain, portal or website.
  1. The holder of all exploitation rights and other web service contents rights is ThyroidCentral.com. Some content may be downloaded or created from a partner (for example, Amazon.com), in which case ThyroidCentral.com is not responsible for any delays, inaccuracies, errors and any damage arising from such content, applications, and software. ThyroidCentral.com is not responsible for any form of damage occurred by unauthorized and/or improper use and/or misuse of web services by users.
  1. In the case of unauthorized and/or unlawful use of any content (text, photos, applications, software, audio-visual and musical works) of the web service, ThyroidCentral.com reserves the right to claim compensation for all damages and initiate civil and criminal proceedings before the court.
  1. The use of the web services is granted to adults. Application and use of the web services by children is allowed only under the supervision of parents and/or guardians and they are obliged to take this into account, otherwise, they overtake all the rights and obligations resulting from such use and ThyroidCentral.com is not responsible for any consequences of such use.



  1. By using the web service, user acknowledges and agrees that any content (comments, forum posts, comments, criticism, review articles, photos, video and audio content, computer codes and applications) that is made available on the web service or submitted to the ThyroidCentral.com can be a subject of the use and free use/exploitation by ThyroidCentral.com so that it can be edited, processed, removed partially or fully, to modify, to publish and/or transferred in any way and in any format, including the so-called “RSS feed” all in accordance with these Terms.
  1. Each delivery of the content created by users of ThyroidCentral.com as well as any other content made available to the ThyroidCentral.com is considered the user’s agreement and acceptance of the ThyroidCentral.com contract offer, under the conditions regulated in these Terms, and the subject of the contract is the transfer of the user content and the transfer of the content rights to the ThyroidCentral.com.
  1. Any disclosure of the content created by users on the web service (either automatically or by an authorized person of ThyroidCentral.com) as well as any delivery of the specific content to ThyroidCentral.com is considered to be the user’s acceptance of the ThyroidCentral.com offer which applies to all adults and refers to enabling the posting of the content (created by the user) through the web services and print media. The content that user has previously delivered to ThyroidCentral.com, self-publish/written or published on the web services, in this case, ThyroidCentral.com is entitled to exploit such content without paying special fees (except when it was strictly stated or emphasized to a particular case) and without content, space and temporal limitations, particularly so that content is transmitted, processed, edited, published, communicated to the public, adapted, publicly performed and/or is further broadcasted/played back by means of “streaming,” downloading”,” broadcast”, “thumbnail”, or through any other media. It is considered that by such user acceptance, user and ThyroidCentral.com closed a legal transaction according to the conditions of this paragraph.
  1. ThyroidCentral.com will take care that such user content is used in accordance with the editorial policy, as appropriate. The content created by users are comments, forum posts, comments, criticisms, texts, reviews, photos, video and audio content, illustrations, cartoons and audiovisual content.
  1. The user guarantees that it owns all rights to the content submitted to ThyroidCentral.com and that at the same there are no rights of third parties that reduce or could reduce the rights of ThyroidCentral.com on the content. In case of any claims of third parties on account of damages to the ThyroidCentral.com that are on any other grounds related to the delivered content, user agrees to take any action to prevent or remove the damage (property or non-property), and is obligated to give to a third party any needed statement in writing that ThyroidCentral.com used the content in good faith and had no reason to suspect that the user does not have the rights to the content.
  1. The user expressly agrees to the rules of commenting, regulated by these Terms, concerning any use of any content of the web service, content distribution, and content distribution for which it is previously necessary to do the registration on the web service. It is not allowed:
  2. Swearing, insults, humiliation, attack other users
  3. Hate speech, discrimination, defamation, and expression of intolerance
  4. Writing in all capital letters
  5. Chat, and off topic commenting
  6. Spamming or advertising by placing links or in any other way
  7. Copy/paste entire articles from other portals, blogs, etc.
  8. Citation of offensive comments or any other comments which are not allowed on the site
  9. The use of abusive or offensive nickname, and a nickname in which is included the name and surname of a famous person
  10. Calling on the administrator or argue in any way with the administrator (applications of inappropriate comments can be sent by mail to info@thyroidcentral.com)
  11. Writing in another language and script, besides the English language and Latin script
  12. Upload, distribution or publication of pornographic content, obscene, intrusive or illegal content.
  1. The following is not allowed: Threatening or intrusive behavior, intentional interference in existing discussions inserting repetitive and/or messages or comments with no content. It is not allowed to communicate by speaking in a language that discriminates, insults others especially on the basis of gender, religion, nationality, age, region or disability.
  1. The user is personally responsible for his/her content that is published or made available to the web service, since ThyroidCentral.com cannot control and/or review every content published by the user nor is responsible for the content of the same.
  1. ThyroidCentral.com reserves the right to remove, move and/or edit any published content if evaluates that it is a violation of these Terms and commenting rules. In the case of severe or frequent violation of the terms, ThyroidCentral.com reserves the right to delete a user from the archive, which will automatically delete all of his/her previous comments.
  1. In the process of registering or creating a user account, the user is required to choose the name or the name under which will use the service and select the security password and submit a valid e-mail address. All data required for registering or creating a user account must be truthful and it is strictly forbidden to use other people’s data.
  1. Registration or user account are created only for one person and it is not allowed to disclose information about registration or account to third parties. The user has an obligation to keep information about their security password and account information. It is not allowed to use someone else’s registration or account.
  2. For violation of the regulations of the Terms in this Chapter, ThyroidCentral.com reserves the right, in its discretion, to suspend or ban the registration or account user, without the obligation of compensation to any cost or damage.


  1. ThyroidCentral.com obliges to respect the anonymity and privacy of the users of the web service, and that will use and process information solely for the purposes specified by these Terms.
  1. ThyroidCentral.com may collect personal information, such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address only if the user voluntarily submits it to ThyroidCentral.com. ThyroidCentral.com will use the information solely for the purpose of better insight and understanding of individual needs, habits, and requirements of users as well as further developing the best quality for all services of ThyroidCentral.com, by the so-called “Tailor made” principle.
  1. ThyroidCentral.com reserves the right to the gathering, processing and publishing data on customers that refer to the way of use of the web services and demographic indicators, but only without revealing the identity of the user and/or personal data that allow the detection of the user’s identity.
  1. ThyroidCentral.com collects and records data on the “Internet Protocol – (IP)” address of the user or the location of the computer for the purposes of system administration, troubleshoot or improving the technical aspects of the web services.
  1. ThyroidCentral.com automatically records the information about the habits of using the web services by users, including the log file on visiting certain pages and/or content. Such information ThyroidCentral.com will use solely for the purpose of improving its services and customization and individualization of promotional activities according to the needs of the user.
  1. Some of the data might be lost during an eventual migration of portal to a new platform because of force majeure (lat. vis maior). In the case of a problem with attribution of the information please contact us at email: info@thyroidcentral.com
  1. For a page of the web services to have all the functionality on the user’s computer, a small amount of data, so-called “Cookies” is stored on the computer. A cookie is an information stored on the user’s computer from the page of the web service you visit.
  1. Cookies store preferences for the website, such as your preferred language or address. The next time you use the web service, an Internet browser sends back the cookies that belong to that page.

31 By selecting the option “I agree”, the user consents to the use of cookies.


  1. By registering or creating an account, the users gives consent to be contacted and receive materials and information related to promotional activities about ThyroidCentral.com, by means of electronic communication. The user may withdraw the given consent at any time, by contacting ThyroidCentral.com via the e-mail address: info@thyroidcentral.com.



  1. ThyroidCentral.com may make messaging or chat services, bulletin and message boards, blogs and other forums. Posts and comments to such forums are not checked for accuracy and completeness and do not constitute medical advice, diagnose, treatment or recommendation of any kind. You should not rely on any information in such posts and comments, and you should contact your healthcare providers if you have a medical condition. All the regulation in these Terms that refer to the publishing of any kind of content and commenting are in effect in all of the public forums. You alone are responsible for any content you post and publish on the public forums and you suffer all the consequences of your activities.
  1. The content, services, and products of the ThyroidCentral.com are for informational purposes only and nothing on the ThyroidCentral.com should be considered as a medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or the substitute for it. The ThyroidCentral.com is not a licensed healthcare provider. You should always contact your healthcare provider for any medical or other professional healthcare advice, treatment or diagnosis of your medical condition. For any question about your medical condition, always seek the advice of the physician and another qualified health providers. Do not disregard professional medical advice or avoid seeking it because of something you have read on the ThyroidCentral.com and if you do, you do it at your own risk. Any information you share through the ThyroidCentral.com is not protected by doctor-patient regulations. If you have a medical emergency, you should immediately call your doctor or go to a hospital.
  1. The ThyroidCentral.com finances through advertisement in order to cover hosting costs and articles costs. The ThyroidCentral.com contains paid advertisements, but it is not a referral service. Any advertiser is responsible for his advertisement’s content. The ThyroidCentral.com does not endorse or recommend any of the advertisers. The advertisers pay fees which are not based on whether you choose to use their services or not. The participating advertisers are fully responsible for the content and products on their website. The ThyroidCentral.com is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of any information, advice or statements made on the third party website. Your use of the third party websites is at your own risk and therefore you are the subject of their terms of use. The ThyroidCentral.com is not responsible for any content, advertising or products on third party website. The ThyroidCentral.com provides advertising space to Amazon.com. Amazon.com is fully responsible for its products listed in the section “Shop” of the ThyroidCentral.com website.