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What problems can Thyroid Gland cause during pregnancy? In this section, you can read about how to deal with Thyroid issues that may develop during pregnancy. The imbalance in the secretion of hormones and problems with the thyroid’s function can cause some make it difficult to become pregnant, maintain a healthy lifestyle while pregnant, and cause potential problems after giving birth. To be fully informed about every possible thyroid issue which may arise before, during and after pregnancy, check out our “Pregnancy” section. ThyroidCentral.com is not a healthcare provider and therefore if you are pregnant and have problems with your Thyroid, it is best to consult a doctor.

medicine and birth control. alarm clock and contraceptive pills

Birth control is a very popular form of contraceptive that has many implications for women’s health – from the deterrents to the benefits involved in pregnancy. If you consume birth control pills and suffer from hypothyroidism, it is very...

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Hypothyroidism And Pregnancy

Understanding The Effects Of Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy Even though pregnancy is seen as a wonderful time in a woman’s life, there are many concerning factors that...

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