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If you are having problems with you Thyroid Gland is may be a sign you need to change your Lifestyle as soon as possible. In our Lifestyle section, you can read how to improve the quality of your life in the case that you are having problems with your Thyroid. You can find out what activities you should be including in your everyday life and which you might want to avoid.  This section also contains topics about life in general, because the diseases are mostly related to your lifestyle. Here you can find information which can help you to lead a healthy, happier, stress-free, fulfilling life. Keep in mind that articles on ThyroidCentral.com are for informational purposes only, and you should seek your doctor’s advice, before engaging in any major lifestyle changes.

A USC research study found that air pollution may affect the fetal thyroid development. (Photo/Courtesy of the South Coast Air Quality Management District)

This is a guest post from Thyroid Advisor. Introduction Every year, air pollution gets worse and worse, and it seems as if there is no way out of it. There are many negative effects that come from breathing that polluted air, and while we might not...

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