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Thyromate Review: A Great Thyroid Supplement? Does it work?

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Thyroid supplements have been becoming more popular and commonplace these last couple months – and for good reason. Thyroid patients often find that supplementing their diet with good and safe thyroid support supplements are an easy and effective way of giving their thyroid a boost to help boost their T3 and T4 hormone levels.

Thyromate is one of these popular thyroid supplements that help support thyroid health. Thyromate has been around for a while now (over four years), but since it has recently been getting more buzz, I decided to take a look at it and try it out.

If you’re wondering what Thyromate is and what you can expect out of it, let this article and review be your guide to Thyromate as well as thyroid supplements in general.

What is Thyromate

thyromate thyroid supplementIn short, Thyromate is a thyroid support supplement. For those who don’t know what thyroid supplements are, they are essential dietary supplements with ingredients designed specifically to help support the thyroid gland and thyroid health. Thyroid supplements contain important and helpful nutrients that our bodies – and our thyroids by extension – are lacking.

The most common reason that people take thyroid supplements is that they want to make sure their thyroids have all the essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to properly work. Thyroid patients often remark that making sure their diet is optimal for thyroid support often requires spending more time and money preparing certain meals. Whether it’s because of this, the uninviting taste of the healthier meals, or simply convenience, there’s no denying that taking a thyroid support supplement is much quicker and more effective in general, in order to make sure our thyroids have have the nutrients it needs.

Thyromate is relatively unique compared to most other thyroid supplements. Perhaps these qualities, which I will discuss throughout this article, is what differentiates Thyromate compared to other thyroid supplements and has made it a relatively popular and highly regarded thyroid supplement.

Unlike most other thyroid supplements, Thyromate’s formula is devoid of stimulants and contains only ingredients from natural and botanical sources. Furthermore, Thyromate does more than just focusing on Iodine or simply containing 4 or 5 ingredients in the thyroid supplement. As stated on their website, “Thyromate contains a precise blend of 14 high-quality, clinically studied ingredients suggested to safely improve thyroid functionality, promote a healthy metabolism, and naturally increase energy levels.” Delivering on these promises is no doubt a challenge and tall order, but after taking Thyromate I am impressed.

I’ll share my thoughts on that later, but for now let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Thyromate. Are they actually helpful and supportive for thyroid health or are they just filler?

Thyromate Ingredients

The supplement facts label on the side of the bottle contains the ingredients that are in Thyromate. After reading it, you can tell this thyroid supplement gets off on the right foot.

Thyromate is made up of effective and important ingredients that naturally supports and influences thyroid health. On their formula page, they detail how the thyroid uses each amino acid, mineral, vitamin, and herb to support thyroid health. Individually, these have been studied in connection to the thyroid and its respective hormones. These ingredients been researched to understand how it influences thyroid health and what happens when deficiency arises in certain nutrients. The research regarding the 14 ingredients in this thyroid supplement can be found in the formula page already linked, but we will cover six of them here as well.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is required for many body functions and the thyroid is no different. Unfortunately, many hypothyroid patients are deficient in B12, according to this study published in 2008. The study concluded that about 40% of hypothyroid patients had B12 deficiency. The symptoms of B12 deficiency include:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Depression
  • Behavioral changes

As you can see, this is also similar to common hypothyroidism symptoms. Since Vitamin B12 has a direct effect on our thyroids, getting an adequate dosage of this supplement is essential for healthy thyroid function.


While Iodine is perhaps the most well-known mineral required for hormone production, Selenium is another mineral that is about just as important without all the recognition. According to this study, Selenium plays two important roles in thyroid health. The first is that it is required to active thyroid hormone synthesis and their metabolites. The second is that Selenium can lower anti-TPO levels within the body by around 21%. This is a huge improvement for those with Hashimoto’s disease.


Ashwagandha is an herb that we have extensively covered before. You can click the link to learn a lot more about this herb if you wish to do so, but we’ll summarize the main ideas here.

Ashwagandha’s benefits for thyroid health are well documented and researched. In this randomized, double-blind study, research participants had their thyroid blood levels tested before and after they took Ashwagandha for 8 weeks. The study concluded that the result at the end of the 8 weeks was that the treatment of Ashwagandha resulted in their thyroid hormone levels within heir bodies, normalizing to the standard levels expected. In simpler terms, it helped improve their hypothyroidism.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that the thyroid gland uses, in conjugation with Iodine and Selenium, in order to produce thyroid hormones. It is also often used to combat cognitive dysfunction associated with hypothyroidism. This is commonly referred to as brain fog.

L-tyrosine has also been researched and studied to support depression, stress, and mental alertness – all of which effect our moods. It certainly does not seem to be an accident that Thyromate includes this amino acid.


Zinc is a mineral that is required for thyroid hormone metabolism. In a recent study, two zinc deficient female college students had their thyroid hormone levels measured and the given zinc supplementation for 4 months. After the end of the treatment period, their thyroid hormone levels were measured again. The study was able to conclude that thyroid hormone levels increased – including total T3 levels.

Several other studies have reinforced this conclusion as well. Patient deficient in zinc often have lower T3 and T4 hormone levels. This is not permanent, however, and can be reversed with proper zinc supplementation such as that in Thyromate.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that stimulates the thyroid gland to produce more T4 hormones as well as supports the process of changing T4 to T3. Magnesium has been linked to preventing goiters. Magnesium is vital for thyroid hormone balance.

In a research study published in 2018, over 1,000 Tianjin residents in China were tested for magnesium deficiency and thyroid hormone levels. The study concluded with statistical significance that magnesium deficiency was associated with higher rates of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease.

We can see that from the six ingredients we examined out of the 14 in Thyromate, they are certainly useful and essential for a healthy thyroid.

But of course, what’s needed more than impressive sounding vitamins and minerals, is an effective and equally impressive thyroid supplement. Let’s determine if Thyromate meets this standard.

Thyromate, thyroid supplement, with capsulesDoes Thyromate Work

The first week of taking Thyromate did not result in many noticeable changes. That’s too be expected.

Thyromate is not a stimulant supplement and it does not give you a jolt of energy that wears out later, like caffeine. It is an all-natural thyroid supplement that needs time for the ingredients to build up in your system. After the second week of taking 2 capsules a day, however, it was a different story.

There was definitely a big difference from before I started taking it. Perhaps the best effect was that I felt like I had more energy and stamina for everyday tasks. Things just flowed easier and my head became clearer. Focusing on tasks did not seem like that big of a chore like it used to.

One of the greatest effects the thyroid has on our bodies is our mood. I do have to say that my outlook on life improved a bit after having been suffering from so many of the hypothyroidism symptoms for so long.

That’s not to say that I don’t have any symptoms any longer, I still do. I certainly would not say I am cured in any sense either. No thyroid supplement can be a replacement for prescribed medication, but any improvement, especially from natural supplements, is something I like and would like to continue to have.

In the end of the day, I do feel better. The long list of hypothyroidism symptoms got a bit smaller for me. Whether it is because of Thyromate or perhaps other changes in my life. I believe it was this thyroid supplement that led to the improved health and relief since I started taking it a couple months ago.

Achieving this state was perhaps because I did not have the best diet initially. I was likely lacking in many essential nutrients that my thyroid needed. After getting it from Thyromate, my condition improved quickly. As the weeks passed, these results became even more apparent. Thyromate was doing its best, and this thyroid supplement was no doubt doing it very well.

Final Verdict

Thyromate Review

While not all thyroid supplements are helpful, and some can even be controversial, great thyroid supplements are here to stay. They can be incredibly useful to improve thyroid health for many patients and users.

Thyromate has certainly seems to be near – if not at – the top of the hill of what thyroid supplements can do. It is all natural and contains well-researched ingredients to support thyroid health with precise dosages (which is something you do not see often.)

Thyromate is quickly growing in popularity and it is not difficult to see why. The effects that Thyromate promises are there for many of those who try it.

It is a relatively good value and it comes with a money back guarantee as well. Whether you are a lifelong thyroid patient or relatively new to your thyroid condition, Thyromate is definitely a great foundation for a thyroid supplement and something to look into if you are considering thyroid support supplements.

Let us know what you think! If you are interested in trying Thyromate, you can learn more about this thyroid supplement on their website.

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