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How Can Flaxseed Help in Solving Thyroid Problems?

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When looking for natural kinds of treatment for thyroid problems, flaxseed oil is a common search result.

It’s an accessible home remedy that includes omega 3 fatty acids that are said to relieve a lot of symptoms involved in thyroid problems.

However, is it medically proven to work? Will it do as a replacement for prescribed medication?

After doing some research, we found that the omega 3 fatty acid in flaxseed can relieve the symptoms that come with hormone therapy and aid in the remission of the disease. However, it only serves as a helper, as supplements often do. It will not work as a complete replacement for professional medical attention.

One of the most common ways to take flaxseed orally is by mixing it as substitute oil to salad dressings, sauces, and dips. Also, others consume it by adding a few drops to their daily juice or smoothie.

The First-Hand Experience of Treatment for Thyroid Problems

In the article by Jolanta Krywult, the author writes about Flaxseed oil as a supplement for her recovery from Graves’ disease.

She had been on hormone therapy, or hormone replacement, which resulted in a lot of side effects. She was anxious, and she had palpitations that would only be alleviated after a spoonful of Flaxseed oil.

Moreover, she stressed in the article that the flaxseed oil is not a treatment for thyroid problems. Instead, it can just aid in the remission of Graves’ disease. She then went into detail about the omega 3 fatty acid in the substance, and how it serves as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, antiproliferative, and anti-edema; all of which aid in the healing process of different thyroid problems.

The author also warns that flaxseed oil is a laxative and a blood thinner, so it shouldn’t be taken if you have any bowel abnormalities or blood diseases. Lastly, it isn’t safe to take it before an operation. However, it is known to help after surgery.

How Flaxseed Oil Can Aid in Thyroid Surgery

One of the most common problems in thyroid surgeries is that extra fibers develop to recover from the operation, which entangles between each other and causes adhesions in the thyroid. This would call for another operation to cut the extra collagen out, which poses a risk for even more adhesions.

To solve this problem, a research group performed a study using flaxseed oil as a barrier between fibers to prevent the adhesions from happening. The researchers also experimented with the use of glycerol.

During the procedure, they performed thyroidectomies on three different groups of experimental rats in a controlled area. They gave one group of rats NaCl, another group glycerol, and the third group a spray of flaxseed oil.

The two treated groups recovered a statistically greater amount than the control group, and both of them worked almost exactly as well as the other. Though flaxseed oil still hasn’t officially been used in operation, this experiment proves that it might be possible.

An Examination of the Healing Properties of Flaxseed

In most cases, flaxseed has been proven to work as an aid to treat thyroid problems. But, what exactly makes flaxseed so promising?

Well, it’s the presence of omega 3 fatty acids in the oil. Apart from that, it also has omega 6 fatty acids, as well as vitamin E.

Then, what exactly does this supplement do for the thyroid? Well, the omega 3 acids ALA, DHA, and EPA are known to be anti-inflammatory, which are part of what regulates the immune system. Without that property, people will suffer from headaches or high blood pressure.

For thyroid problems, flaxseed oil can temporarily replace certain hormones in the body, giving you time to recover from the illness. It is also believed to be anti-cancerous, in addition to all the great benefits that was already proven. In current medical practices, it is used to help along with kidney disorders and anti-sclerosis.

That’s more than enough reason to value flaxseed as a supplement.

Summary of the Uses of Flaxseed for Thyroid Problems

Flaxseed, contrary to the beliefs of people writing home remedy articles, cannot be used as a permanent or long-term treatment for thyroid problems. It can, however, be used to aid someone in the process of recovering from their thyroid problems.

It has been medically proven to work through experimentation and experience, but only as an assistant in the remission of the disease. It cannot be used as a long-term remedy, because while it does help with symptoms, it doesn’t heal the hormonal imbalances taking place in the endocrine system.

It definitely is not a replacement for medication, or for surgery. Jolanta Krywult describes it best as a sort of “soothing balm” for the nervous system, while the body works itself out through other forms of treatment for thyroid problems.

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